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Master the Art of Online Course Creation

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We've transformed our live webinar into an on-demand masterclass just for you. No need to mark your calendar – get the powerful insights and strategies you need, right when you need them. This isn't just another recording; it's your gateway to breakthrough results, now available as soon as you register. Dive into this invaluable resource today and start your journey to success!

Shahar and Nashlah, the powerhouse duo from Curious Mondo, are here to take you on a fun-filled 90-minute joyride into the world of digital learning. Prepare to get the insider's scoop on the bustling info industry, and navigate the maze of shifting consumer behavior in the digital landscape. You'll get a backstage pass to the magical world of Curious Mondo and the captivating 500 courses we've conjured.

Discover How to Turn Your Passion into Profit!

What You'll Learn During This Fun-Filled, Content-Packed 90-Minute Webinar

Unleash Your Potential in Just 90 Minutes: Every Second Brimming with Value and Insight!

  • Understanding the Value of Structured Knowledge. Discover why mere information isn't enough. Learn the importance of structured, relevant, and easily applicable knowledge that offers immediate results.
  • Shifting Consumer Behavior in Digital Learning. Delve deep into the changes in people's online behavior and find out what truly grabs their attention in today's digital world.
  • ​​ Pricing Dynamics in Online Education. Unpack how price points vary across industries and platforms, ensuring you set the right price for your content.
  • ​​ Effortless Course Monetization Strategies. Explore ways to sell your courses—directly or via platforms—without the need for a website, and unlock multiple streams of income from multiple courses.
  • Boosting & Sustaining Course Sales Explore strategies like sales funnels and nurturing techniques to not only make the initial sale but to keep students engaged and coming back for more.
  • Debunking e-Learning Myths: Zoom & AI.
    Is Zoom the end-all for online learning? And where does AI fit in? Find out as we demystify these tools.
  • The Rise of Microlearning.
    Understand the growing trend of microlearning and learn to repurpose your existing content, such as blog posts and articles, into bite-sized lessons.
  • ​​ Your Course Is Ready, What's Next?
    After course creation, what steps should you take? Dive into post-course creation strategies to maximize your impact.
  • ​The Reality of Social Media in e-Learning.
    While social media is essential, it can be misleading. Learn how to use it effectively without falling into common traps.
  • Turning Your Passion into Profit Is your course a hobby or a business venture? Learn the importance of treating your online course as a business and investing in its growth.


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Meet Shahar & Nashlah Boyayan

As the dynamic mother-daughter duo behind Curious Mondo, Shahar and Nashlah bring a rich tapestry of experience, passion, and vision to the world of e-learning. Both have dedicated their lives to working with entrepreneurs and business owners, recognizing the profound impact of continual skill enhancement and a purpose-driven approach.

Shahar - With a background that spans speaking to large audiences since 1990 and an academic foundation in E-commerce, she is not just a seasoned entrepreneur but a passionate advocate for small business marketing, consumer behavior, and trends. Her commitment to fostering an environment where learning meets passion shines through in every endeavor.

Nashlah - A business communication expert who, even at a young age, partnered with her mother on innovative online projects. Having embarked on this journey since 1998, she brings a fresh, yet experienced perspective to the realm of digital education.

Their shared mission? To inspire creation. For Shahar and Nashlah, it's about enabling individuals to find their voice, tell their unique stories, and craft something that adds beauty and meaning to the world. By harnessing the power of education, they believe in not just transforming individuals but uplifting entire communities. Through their hands-on approach, they've shown countless learners that they have the power to change their reality.